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Gerry Galley - BMX

Classic footage of Sticky Fingaz of Onyx poppin’ off at the Source awards

Sackville Street. Reading, 2014

Sackville Street. Reading, 2014

Not sure how I missed this edit but Jamie Shipston kills it major respect for the last crooked!

Billy Starr - Bank tuck - Reading, 2014

Billy Starr - Bank tuck - Reading, 2014

Static 3. 

Louie ‘Bambi’ Mire. London, 2014

Thanks to a random invite from the (Farnborough, UK) Edwin I ended going Barcelona with Luke Towey, Cam Hardy, Jake Daw, Cappy, Sam Wise, Fred Murray and probably a few other people who I can’t remember. There are few things that made this trip interesting was the fact I messed up my knee at the first spot on day one trying to hang 5 a ledge (I’ve only now started to try and get the knee sorted out), Jake Daw breaking his foot midway through the trip running from a taxi to avoiding paying the fare, we also met up with a young Italian tkid hat rode for Subrosa through the Italian distro who killed every spot that trip (I can’t think of anyone who has done a 180 bar to Luc-E down a ledge since 2010?). Who knew this kid who become would one day go from distro to a world travelling street destroying pro! It was a pleasure meeting you Simone Barraco maybe our paths will cross again in the future.  

Life After Bob Bars

There is already an article on the history of these iconic bars which you can read here, but as they are now discontinued and are becoming harder to find, I decided to ask a few riders that still run them in a era of over sized bars why they still run the Bob bars.

These are the questions I asked each of the riders:-
1) how long have you been running bob bars
2) why do you still run them?
3) how many spare pairs do you have?
4) what other bars would you run instead?

Billy Starr

1) Fuck knows exactly id say a good few years though maybe like 4 or so.
2) Because they are just the best bars there’s nothing else out there that feels anywhere as good.
3) None unfortunately but I don’t really break parts very often so hopefully I’ll not need a back up set touch wood.
4) I gave the S&M fat head bars ago not to long ago and to be fair they felt pretty nice cut down to 26 but the bobs had to go back on

Llord Leopold

1 ) I’ve been riding bob bars ever since i was 15 and now I’m 22 so that makes it 7 years straight.
2) i started riding them because bob was my best rider of all times (and still is)i was a 15 yr old kid and wanted to be like Bob. First time I put those bars on my bike I felt different than any other bars before.when my first bob bar (mk2) snapped i ordered mk3 but waited for him for 12 months so in 12 months i had to ride 2 piece (Ruben Alcantara bar that I already had which is also really good) and when Bob finally came to me I decided to never put it down again.so 3 years after riding my new mk3 bar I see the news that big 4’s are coming on the market and I’m like “ok that’s cool,now people who like big bars can ride Bob’s and not complain about its rise and wideness”.but then Scotty Eaton told me that bob’s are going off (also like asm tire and cush seat) and I felt endangered.so I sold my gold and bought life supplies of Bob bars.unfortunately they are white but I paint them so its ok, so I could say I ride them because I love them,they look good and mean, and goddamn they make smith grind feel so good and straight.
3) I have 7 pairs of bob’s right now
4) There are no nowadays bars I would ride because everybody is riding big bars and that’s not my thing.but I always wanted to ride Tyrone Piff bars (mk1).they were the first bars I ever wanted to have when I saw them

Addy Snowdon

1) How long have you been running bob bars? Since 2010 I think.
2) Why do you still run them? Over recent years, the street riding community have suffered an infiltration of no brakes/four pegs imposters, so I feel we need things like these bars as a new way to identify who’s genuine.
3) How many spare pairs do you have? None. This is a constant source of anxiety for me.
4) What other bars would you run? None. Couldn’t barspin or X-up grind with anything else.

James White

I’m good, I’d say close to 4 years I’ve been running them, I still run them because they’re the only bars I like and if none of my role models rode them I don’t know what I’d ride, the first thing that got me into them was riding with Hastings local Adam Clayden, he persuaded me into getting a pair I wasn’t too keen on my Macneil xlt bars at the time they were the wrong geometry, he was obsessed with bob bars I don’t know if it was true but he had about 8 pairs in his garage apparently lol. I have 2 spare pairs and one broken pair that my mate Dave let me have because i wanted another to hang on my wall, I’d probally run terrible one 4 piece if bob bars didnt exist, I think I saw Sam Waller riding those bars on one of the Strangeways videos they looked very similar to bob bars.

Sean Minney

1. 5-6 years
2. Felt like no other bars I’d ridden before
3. Jay bean has my old ones I think
4. N/A id swerve ridin if I couldn’t get hold of another set

Jack Appleton

So I think I’ve been running for around 3 to 4 years.
Can’t really get on with big bars I also dig the look of bobs and they feel good!
I’ve got 2 at home a set on my bike, but if anyone’s selling some og’s I’ll sure take some more backups.
Always thought the sway bars looked decent.

Jeff Martin

1) About 7 years now that I think of it. the past year or so I’ve been running them and the big fours. depends on how my back is feeling that day.

2) I’ve always really just been into the feel. the upsweep and shallow back sweep has always felt really good especially when doing xup grinds

3) I use to have about three but I’ve lent a couple out to friends to try out. I currently only have a set and there is another set I left at some girls house in new jersey when my car broke down.

4) Like I said I’ve been switching off with the big fours from time to time, but genuinely bob bars will be my last set of handlebars.

Loz Taylor

1) Been running them for about 7 years. I got my first pair off Adam drinkwater in Manc, they where bent and cut down like Primo Moes bars.

2) I don’t know, I’ve been through about 4 pairs but they are definitely the ultimate bad man handlebars.

3) Spare pairs?? I have an underground bunker in east London with over 100 pairs, some gold plated and an especially impressive set made out of Smokey quartz to deflect all the negative energy I get from riding with Sandy and Marv.

4) I don’t want to ride any others now, if they break I’ll find some more (hopefully chrome ones)

Sam Waller

1) If my memory serves me correctly, I think Boozy Bob’s first entered my life in the latter half of 2010. Hand-me-downs from the G-Child. Think he got them from Matt Coram (who may have got them from Clark-E). On damp evenings I sometimes gaze wistfully at my steely pals and think to myself, “If those bars could talk…”

2) They haven’t snapped yet. And even if they did I don’t possess the common sense needed to retrofit any others.

3) Got loads M8. Use them as door handles around the house.

4) I might be tempted to run a pair of Swizzels Matlow Refresher Bars (same dimensions, with a tasty sherbet filling).


1) 2008 till infinity
2) Looks
3) 2 cracked pairs 2 pairs off eBay
4) None. I’d just hold my stem once my stash has run out.


1) Erm since about 2006/07 I think.
2) because I like the way they look and feel. I think massive bars look gross.
3) 4 pairs but most of them are lent out to friends.
4) maybe the big version and maybe slam bars. But most likely none as I’m too proud to change.

Mark Gralla

1) 9 or 10 years pretty much since they came out whenever that was
2) it’s all I know
3) zero
4) Maybe the other 4 piece animal bars but otherwise I dunno

Ralph Sinisi

1) Since they dropped. Over 10 years now. Except for about 1 year about a year ago that I rode Rone’s Piff bars while I was riding a limited Dashop frame to really represent. I switched back though over the last year since I got back on another Skavenger.

2) Control, handling, ride height, hop, peg control, going around fences, no flex, perfect angles, being closer to the ground when you fall, etc, etc.

3) Not enough, but I never have ever bent them and rarely have ever even changed my bars. I put on a new pair maybe every 3-4 years. Not even sure why I do it that often.

4) I always liked 4 piece bars. I used to run all the old school styles back in the day including GTs like Bob always rode before we made the animal ones. Ours are still different and the best on a whole different level.

Niles : When Animal started manufacturing and selling Bob bars did you think they would have the impact they had?

Ralph : I knew it. The first time I saw Bob jump over a fence that was taller than he was off a bank that was 2 ft high, I knew he and the bars had something special, the best recipe for hops I had ever seen. I still think they make the most sense for big hops since you can have that much more control for quick moves and quick landings being that much more at one with the bike. I think the new bigger bars make you ride the bars more than the bike. These bars give you a tighter connection with the whole bike and the way every bit of it performs.

Niles : Considering how the Bob bars came to be, how do you feel about a new generation of riders that are now struggling to have a back up stash of them?

Ralph : I think it is an honor to him and the bars. We make a bigger version, but unfortunately the total demand didn’t make sense to keep the regular ones in production. I would definitely buy any ones you can find either way.

After asking a bunch of riders and Ralph Sinisi these question I had the honour of asking Big $kerbz himself.

Bob $cerbo

1. I have been running them since the first prototypes. I ran the GT’s since 1995 I think, I never had anything else that I can remember except the bars that came on my Haro complete as a kid. I got a pair slam bars after and traded them to my brother that day for GT 4 piece.

2. I run them because I have run them my whole life and I like the way my bike feels, I never felt the need to try anything else.

3. I have 9 pairs stocked right now, I just put a fresh pair on when I built my new bike a few months ago.

4. T-1 Salt City Bars

Niles : How do you feel about a generation of riders going through the same struggles you went through when you used to run gt bars?

$cerbo : I think it’s really funny how it came full circle. I was made fun of for my bars looking silly, for being too big, then too small, then copied by every company and now they are obsolete and off the market all together and the whole time they have remained the exact same dimensions. The bars are a great example of how retarded people are.

Niles : Thanks for answering my questions. Why did your bars get discontinued? I can’t ride any other bars they don’t feel the same.

$cerbo : The reason the bars got discontinued was that Animal wanted to do the bigger ones and they wanted to use my name on them and I said no, so when they got made I told them they can not do mine anymore, I thought the bars were fine the way they were. Just some bullshit really. I would like to remake them as Skapegoat bars but I don’t really want to go that route and be a bike company because it never seems to work out well for people who choose that. Obviously the politics with me and Animal goes a lot deeper than that but that is the simplest way I can explain it.