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James Cox Interview
Daniel Niles : I know you have not done anything with Retribution in a long time is that brand no longer in operation?
James Cox : Yeah, it was a lot of fun at the time, but it just came to an end about five or six years ago, I can’t remember exactly when. I didn’t want to drag it out longer than what felt natural, and to be honest towards the end I felt that it was a pretty dated project anyway. As I said though. there was a time when it was super-fun, but it just turned into something I wasn’t all that into anymore.
DN : What was the inspiration for starting Antidote and where do you seeing fitting in with the current bmx scene?
JC : I’d been thinking over the idea of starting a new small DIY company to run in my spare time, because I just missed having a personal project to get stuck into. BMX seemed to be changing over the years into something that I wasn’t all that into, because obviously I’m 30 and jaded about everything now, but I thought rather than moaning and being negative about it, I’d put that time into something positive and do something I thought was cool instead. Originally it was supposed to be called Hive Mind, named after the apparent consciousness of colonial insects, or "the collective behaviour of decentralized, self-organised systems” but I ended up going with Antidote. I borrowed a bit of cash to get it off the ground, got a few tees, stickers and badges printed, paid off the debt and there you go. I feel like now was a good time to do it too, as there’s some other cool stuff going on in the UK currently. You’ve got Newrick, Clarky and Marv all making new videos, new zines knocking about, all these scene-based blogs like this one, and other small clothing brands like Broth, SCB and that stuff Jambul is doing too. It’s great, I love all the DIY stuff in BMX, because you know everyone’s just doing it for themselves, funding it themselves, and ultimately it just creates a good group of scenes for the UK. The more people out there doing creative stuff in BMX, the better it is as far as I’m concerned, whatever it is you’re doing. As far as where Antidote would fit into the current BMX scene, I don’t know man, I haven’t really thought about it. I’m just doing stuff that the team and myself are into. I’m not trying to preach anything, or try to change the world with a few t shirts and a video or two. All I really want to create something that I’m excited about, and make enough money back off the shirts to get some more done, and one day take all the crew on a trip to somewhere sunny along the way. I don’t ever expect to make any profit for myself from all this, or to end up being massive. That’s probably why it’s fun.
DN : How did you decide on the riders you hooked up?
JC : Well besides Fathead who everyone knows is complete tit, pretty much everyone on the ‘team’ are just my closest mates who I’ve known forever, or people I’ve spent time with who I get on with very well. Marv, Newrick and Shanky were originally on RTRBTN back in the day so I got them straight on. In fact the only two who weren’t previously affiliated with RTRBTN were Tommy C and Sandy. When it came to choosing the team, I didn’t even need to think about it, they were all straight on there. Additionally I’m flowing Jeff Z some product and he’s come through with some awesome stuff for the promo. That whole thing just came about from when I used to work for 4Down and I ended up on a trip with him in Athens. We went riding a few times, drank a lot of beers together, we got on well and it just came about from there. There were actually a few more people I’d have liked to get involved, but I’m going to wait a while before getting anyone else on board. I’m only joking about Fathead by the way, he’s ok really, you just need to know when to ignore him.
DN : How do you manage to stay motivated to ride around all day with your heavy bag as I personally went from a VX to a TRV to lighten my bag?
JC : It’s not really a case of motivation, i’m just used to it I suppose, I’ve put a lot of miles in over the last few years with that fucking camera bag on my back, so I guess it paid off filming for this. To be honest though my bag is a lot lighter than it used to be now I’m just filming for Antidote. I just have one HD camera and a hi8, and no futuristic gadgets like the ones I used to carry about. The format of the Antidote promo was a bit of a problem actually, I couldn’t decide if I wanted it filmed in HD, SD or a mix or both. I ended up going with the HD mixed with hi8, but now due to a fair amount of footage i’ve been sent, it looks like it’s going to be a mix of all formats, with footage from all sorts of cameras thrown in there. I think the next web video will more than likely be filmed on my TRV or VX instead though.
DN : Will Antidote be doing a DVD or is it web edits for now?
I think as long as Antidote survives as long as I’d like it to, a DVD is definitely on the cards. Right now because of Marv and Newrick’s video projects there’s no point trying to do one, but somewhere down the line in 2014 I’d like to start collecting some clips up and just see how it goes I guess. That’s where that trip to somewhere sunny would be nice.
DN : When is the promo coming out, and other than the team what guess riders can we expect to see in the promo
JC : I’ve been working on the promo edit today, it’s nearly all filmed now too. Fathead has done something to his ankle so it doesn’t look like he’s going to be able to make the deadline, but everyone else has got some cool stuff in there. Aside from the team, there’s a few cameo appearances in there including Loz, Charles Darroch, Ben Lewis, Buzzard and even a couple of me. There’s probably going to be a couple of skateboarding clips in there too from a little crew of local skaters round here who I’ll ride with sometimes. It’s a fairly small amount of riders in the promo, and there’s a few guys I really wanted in there but couldn’t get round to meeting up with because of the weather, but I’m still happy enough with how it’s all shaping up.
Check out http: //antidotebrand.com for more info and to buy some T-shirts!!!!
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