Fuck Knows (Everyday Shit)
Bob Scerbo Interview
Daniel Niles : The new QSS is amazing I felt with this and the Price is Wrong felt like how videos in the early 2000s were, was this intentional?
Bob Scerbo : I wouldn’t say it was intentional, I think that’s just my editing style, it’s been said by many who are close to me that I’m stuck in the 90’s so that might make sense.
Niles :  With the team getting even bigger since Cuts came out, how have you been coping with filming the team?
Bob : I have not been coping with it well, I film more, ride less and still need to have a lot of contributed footage to get stuff done.  It would not be possible for Animal to continue making videos without Navaz at this point, luckily he loves filming.
Niles : The Chocolate Truck crew have had an great couple of years coverage wise how did you come across the crew?
Bob : I met them around 2 years ago. I had seen some random edits of them before that but it takes seeing them as a unit to truly understand how awesome what they are doing is.  I’m really hyped on that crew  and am really excited for them to be affiliated with Animal in any way.
Niles :Mark Gralla had an amazing section in QSS 6, what is the chances it will win the NORA cup for part of the year? haha
Bob : He wins it every day in my eyes…..Number One Retard Award
Niles : You managed to avoid social media for a very long time but last year you finally got a tumblr and a instagram, what made you want to create those?
Bob : I have always wanted a blog for Skapegoat and just could not make it happen and I have no idea how to do anything like that.  I heard a tumblr was easy to make so I just went that route.  I don’t do the Instagram, Chris Reyes updates it from the tumblr.  I just want to have that just to keep Skapegoat in the picture and have my photos seen, I try not share any of my personal life on either and honestly have no interest in being social digitally, but I love looking at photo’s and sharing stuff I’ve shot as well.
Niles : You seem to have a large stash of photos, how did you get into shooting photos?
Bob : I honestly always wanted to shoot photos but my school didn’t have any of that kind of stuff and I didn’t have money as a kid.  I found a an old Pentax k1000 in my uncles closet and he said I could have it, that was around 98.  I have been into it steadily since then in one form or another.  I needed money in 2005 and sold off a really good film set up with lots of expensive accesories and really just focused on video, but I always had point and shoots and disposables and stuff.  I have a DSLR now and as much as i think it’s corny it alows me to shoot riding again so I got over the whole “It’s not film thing.”
Niles :1 thing I have always wanted to know is in Skapegoat 7 you had a clip of a brawl in a parking lot when a truck pulled in trying to run everyone over. Do you know why that situation occurred?
Bob : Actually Garret Hoogerhyde filmed that while he was staying with me in Austin, I don’t know what it was over but I was really mad that the one night I decided to stay in I missed that.
Niles :You have a large collection of videos you have made, what keeps you inspired to keep creating new videos?
Bob : I honestly don’t know anything else, I have made videos for fun, as a job and because I don’t know how else to fill my time.  I guess an accurate answer would be It’s what I do.
Niles : As a big fan of East Coast riding/skating I’m always looking for new videos to watch and buy, what bmx and skate vids do you recommend to watch and buy?
Bob : I honestly wouldn’t know about newer stuff to suggest just because as I have gotten older I kind of don’t keep up with riding or skating  the way I used to.  I have liked a lot of the Japanese stuff in skating over the last few years and any time Traffic or Static puts out a video it is always worth seeing, I think a lot of what they do is what a lot people tried to do after, they just do not do it as well.  I would always suggest watching Eastern Exposure 3, The Zoo York Mixtape, Stero “A Visual Sound” and the first 2 Anti Hero videos, Everything I think is good about skating is in those videos.  In BMX these days I like the scene/crew style videos, I usually avoid watching anything a company puts out because it gives me anxiety. Off the top of my head the T-1 video, Homeless Trash, New York Hardcore,1201, Albert St. and Dirty Deeds I would suggest to any young rider who wants to see what riding was like “back in the day.”  If you are from the UK it should be a requirement at birth to watch “Nails in the Coffin.”
Niles : The image of Wayne Brady’s hairline with the “FYL” speech bubble was classic, by far 1 of the best clips I’ve ever seen in a video/edit. How did you think to do that?
Bob : With Skavenger videos I always try and choose rap songs with lots of random references so I can cut in funny stuff, that one was just to pefect.  I think i originally had it say something along the lines of “Is Wayne Brady gonna have to smack a NEMS”  which is a Chapelle show reference but I thought people might not get it.  I think Skavenger videos need to be funny because usually the filming and production is not going to carry the weight.
Niles : You had the pleasure of riding with some the UK’s finest street riding gents, how was that experience and how well did they fare on the East Coast of the USA?
Bob : The UK dudes are the shit, I wish I could have ridden with them years earlier when I was more focused on riding and taking my personal riding more serious, but I honestly love when those dudes come over.  They are cut from the same cloth as a lot of the older east coast street riders and genuinely just enjoy hanging out in our cities and I like that approach to visiting somewhere as opposed to going somewhere and trying to get work done.  
Niles : Speaking of English gents, Clarky mentioned you like UK street riding. What about UK street riding do you like?
Bob : I really like what I see from the north and from London these days, the street riding styles have evolved nicely and it seems that the riders who have been around for a while are truly utilizing the cities for what they have to offer, as opposed to wishing they could go somewhere else that “actually has spots.”  it’s very similar to the way riding has evolved in the north east of the US.  Those UK scenes now also have a lot of history as far as riders who have been riding a long time and are still continuing forward which in my opinion is the best thing for any scene.  I know I was lucky to come from a place that had a generation of great riders before me to point me in the right directions.  Also Dan Price is one of my favortie riders of all time and he is from the UK.
Niles : Is there any possibility of Bob Scerbo riding some of the Queen’s finest street spots in the future? 
Bob : I have been saying for years that I am going to come over there and I would love to but in all honesty I have a lot of trouble leaving the states.  Plus I have a dog and I don’t like leaving her with people.   Ask me that question at 2am when I’m drinking with friends from the UK and the response would be “I’m Definitely Coming This Year!!!!”

Some quick fire questions
Niles : New Jersey or New York
Bob : NJ All Day
Niles : Philly or Austin
Bob : Philly in the summer, spring and fall, Austin in the winter
Niles : Polejam or storm door
Bob : pools
Niles : Trv or Vx
Bob : TRV
Niles : Can I Eat or All Day
Bob : Can I eat when I’m drunk, All Day when I’m stoned, wouldn’t watch either if I was sober
Niles : Brown Dickies or Grey Rad Kaps
Bob : Red Kaps, they are softer
Thanks again for doing the interview for me!
Also thanks to Clarky for the help with doing this interview.
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